Four Wheel Tracking


In all driving conditions your car should stand as vertically as possible on the road. For your vehicle to drive in a stable/straight manner and to be precisely controlled. All wheels on your vehicle must be aligned to be exactly parallel to one another. This where our four wheel tracking service will help you.

If you feel that the correct setting of your vehicle has changed, most notable if the car pulls to the left or the right. You should promptly have the issue fixed at our service workshop. The change in axle geometry can bring a variety of complications, including significantly affecting driving safety and tyre wear.

Your safety is our concern. That is why Budget Tyres offers a high-performance a four Wheel Tracking geometry service for all vehicle types. For you ythis means optimising the service life of your tires and the mechanical components of your vehicle, as well as improving ride comfort.

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How do I know that something is wrong with the tracking?

four wheel trackingIf you feel that your vehicle is not responding quickly enough to steering or if you notice significantly more wear on one side of the inside tyres (inside or out). Even if the signs are not clear, they can have negative effects. That’s why it’s important to visit a specialist once a year.

Why Budget Tyres?

Wheel alignment and tracking should be performed by technicians who have been specially trained, utilise professional workshop equipment, and are familiar with all car makes and models. Our technicians have undertaken thorough and industry approved training in Wheel Tracking/Alignment and work exclusively with top of the range 3D technology. State-of-the-art computerised four-wheel alignment means that all four wheels are aligned identically to the geometric center line of your vehicle. This gives you complete control over your car on every road, in every riding style and under all loading conditions.

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