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Tyre vulcanisation

Tyre vulcanisation, otherwise known as Hot Cure Tyre Repairs, is the process of adding new raw rubber to a damaged area of a tyre. We can create a repair suitable for the rest of the tyres road life. At Budget Tyres we are able to carry out tyre repairs that other tyre shops may not.

Your damaged tyre will be prepared and new rubber moulded into the damaged area.  It is then put into a tyre vulcanising machine to cook the raw rubber at high temperature. After this process a reinforcing patch is fitted to the inside of the tyre and its ready to be fitted back to your car. This process of tyre repair allows 2 days for completion.

Tire repairs require a high level of technical know-how and should only be carried out by specialists for safety reasons. Our repair experts are familiar with tyre structures and specifically examine the damage and the environment for condition, repair acceptability, cost-effectiveness and possible safety risks. We only repair what we can answer for, thus ensuring your safety 100%.

So before you throw away your damaged tyre bring it into Budget Tyres for one of our experts to look at.

Picture of person putting air into tyre

If you would like to arrange for a Hot Cure Tyre Repair, or you’d like to find out more about the services we offer at Budget Tyres, please get in touch with us today and our friendly team will be happy to help you. Telephone: 01709 720070.

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