Puncture Repairs


Budget Tyres are highly-skilled and experienced in repairing tyres to strict British Standards (BS AU 159). Regarded as the automotive-industries best practice procedure, the “combination tyre repair patch and plug” or “mushroom repair”, is the only method to seal the tyre throughout the entire damaged area.

As part of the legal requirements outlined in the British Standard, mentioned above, the tyre must be thoroughly checked for internal damage to be safe for repair work. The likely result of this not taking place will be a sudden tyre failure – which is highly-dangerous if driving at speed.

Do not take the risk for settling with sub-par standards, as repairing punctured tyres involves a complex examination only capable from highly-trained technicians, such as ourselves.

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Important Note
A punctured tyre can only be fixed if the hole is located in the main-tread area and the driver stopped soon after the incident; to restrict over-heating and causing additional damage while driving with the deflated tyre.

Picture of puncture repair

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