Ageas: Govt Needs To Invest £450m To Improve Britain’s Roads And Save Lives

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Ageas: Govt Needs To Invest £450m To Improve Britain’s Roads And Save Lives

Repairing roads can be a matter of life and death, which is why motoring insurer Ageas is calling on the government to invest £450 million to ensure the safety of Britain’s motorists and pedestrians.

The insurance company, together with the Road Safety Foundation, stated that an immediate investment of £75 million is required to fix potholes. This then needs to be followed by a further £75 million every 12 months for five consecutive years.

By doing this, more than 5,600 deaths or serious injuries could be avoided over the next 20 years, which will not only save lives, but also as much as £2 billion for the country.

Andy Watson, chief executive officer of Ageas Insurance, said it is “unacceptable” that poorly-maintained roads are continuing to cost lives, and society spends £35 billion a year on this problem.

Executive director of the Road Safety Foundation Suzy Charman added: “Investing in road safety engineering treatments really does have life-saving potential.”

She added that to achieve the goal of zero deaths by 2050, the issue needs to be addressed with “purpose and determination”.

Last year, 1,793 people were killed on the road in the UK, representing the highest number since 2011. This is also the same year that progress on trying to reduce road deaths started to declined, showing just how important government input is into keeping people safe on Britain’s streets.

There has been a particularly big pothole problem this year, with RAC research revealing that breakdowns as a result of these reached 4,091 between April and June. This is the highest figure for this period in three years, indicating Britain’s roads are deteriorating.

It is, therefore, worth getting some new spare tyres in Rotherham, just in case your wheels become damaged due to these potholes, making the vehicle unsafe to drive.