Drivers Want Cars To Give Them Warnings

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Drivers Want Cars To Give Them Warnings

Many drivers would like their cars to flag potential faults earlier and warn them if they’re likely to breakdown.

This is the finding of a new AA survey, which revealed that 66 per cent of motorists would like their car to notify them if it’s likely to break down by the roadside.

They’d like to receive this information remotely on devices like smartphones or tablets, to give them advance warning of any auto issues and to allow them to avoid having to make the call to their breakdown service.

At the top of the list of information they’d like to receive is early notification of vehicle faults. More specifically, 50 per cent would like to find out their tyre pressure and the same percentage said knowing how much fuel they had left before they got in their car would also be useful.

Battery health and the location of their vehicle were the other pieces of information that drivers would like to be able to access via a connected device.

Edmund King, AA president, commented: “With new car sales dropping as drivers keep hold of their vehicles for longer, the ability to keep track of vehicle health has never been more important.”

As well as keeping track of your tyre pressure, it’s also vital to ensure you have a working spare tyre in your car in case you suffer a puncture. Make sure you stock up on the best spare tyres in Rotherham, especially before a long journey.

There are a few things you can do as a driver to prolong the life of your tyres, including keeping an eye on the tread levels, and ensuring they’re inflated to the correct pressure.