How To Avoid A Winter Breakdown

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How To Avoid A Winter Breakdown

With the leaves falling from the trees and the weather getting colder, now is the perfect time to do some maintenance on your car to ensure you have a stress-free winter without any motoring mishaps.

You want to be prepared for whatever the season throws at you, and road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist has offered some tips on how best to avoid a breakdown this winter. The organisation noted that there are a lot of elements that you need to consider.

The areas that you should check at this stage of the year are your batteries, tyres, wipers and lights. You should also make sure you’ve got the right level of antifreeze in your engine for those unexpectedly frosty mornings.

Neil Worth, GEM road safety officer, commented: “Prevention is always better than cure, so by paying some attention to a few winter maintenance needs, you will greatly reduce the risk of a breakdown in the coming months.”

At the top of the list is to check your battery and charging system. Having this tested to ensure it’s performing at its optimum level is sensible ahead of the colder weather. The lower temperatures put a greater strain on the battery, so if your battery is already struggling it’s much more likely to fail at this time of year.

With temperatures dropping, you also need to ensure you have the correct level of antifreeze in your engine’s cooling system to prevent it from freezing. This isn’t something you should do yourself though, it’s best to get a qualified mechanic to check this and add more antifreeze if necessary, the organisation stated.

Tyres are also important at this time of the year. Make sure you check the tread depth and your tyre pressure. This is something you should be doing regularly throughout the winter. Remember to adjust your tyre pressure if you’re driving with more things than usual in your vehicle.

You may also want to invest in new spare tyres in Rotherham to ensure you’re prepared in the event that one of your tyres suffers damage in the winter.

If you live in a part of the country that is more prone to snowfall, you may also want to consider investing in winter tyres. These can make driving in snow and ice safer, but you should check whether your insurer needs to be notified if you do decide to fit winter tyres to your car.

Another essential thing to check, according to GEM, is your lights. Make sure that your front and rear lights are all in good working order. If any bulbs need replacing do this as soon as possible. It’s also worth regularly cleaning your lights so that they’re always bright and clear for other motorists.

Finally, you should check your windscreen wipers and replace them if they’re showing any signs of damage. Clean them and don’t forget to top up your screen wash regularly. The organisation doesn’t recommend using your wipers to clear ice from the windscreen though, noting that this can damage the wiper blades.