Parking Sensors Revealed As Most Popular Driving Gadget

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Parking Sensors Revealed As Most Popular Driving Gadget

When looking for a vehicle with high-tech features, most drivers want their next car to have front and rear parking sensors.

This is according to the latest research from, which revealed 65 per cent of 2,000 people who were surveyed wanted technological assistance when parking their car.

Apparently, this was more important to them than cruise control – with only 34 per cent prioritising this gadget – and lane departure warning systems, as just 31 per cent claimed they would look for a vehicle with this feature.

Matt Oliver from GoCompare Car Insurance said: “Despite the availability of potentially more exciting driver aids, parking is the issue that drivers want technological help with.”

He noted that Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency data shows lots of people fail their driving test because of reverse parking, which could be why having sensors is so important to drivers once they have their licence.

Mr Oliver said there is a practical reason why parking assistance is important as well, as cars have expanded in width and length over the years while parking spaces have remained the same size. This is “making parking even more of a challenge”, he noted.

According to recent research from the AA, 66 per cent of motorists want their vehicle to send them a warning about potential faults to their smartphones before they set foot in the car to avoid breaking down at the roadside.

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