Slow Adoption Expected For Electric Cars

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Slow Adoption Expected For Electric Cars

Although the government is trying to encourage more drivers to purchase electric vehicles, it appears that many are expecting it to take a number of years before they’re prepared to make the leap to electric cars.

This is the finding of a survey conducted by Auto Trader, which found that drivers in the UK intend to wait an average of nine years before investing in an electric vehicle.

The main barriers to the wider adoption of these kinds of cars are a lack of charging infrastructure and upfront expenses. This is despite research indicating that electric cars cost less over four years than their petrol or diesel counterparts.

What’s more, 74 per cent of those questioned did not know that the government offered plug-in grants to help towards the expense of buying an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Head of Go Ultra Low Poppy Welch commented: “EVs can be driven for as little as 2p per mile, compared with 10-12p for a conventionally powered vehicle, meaning the typical car driver can save hundreds of pounds every year in fuel costs alone.”

She added that despite people being concerned about charging infrastructure, 98 per cent of the motorists surveyed said they drive less than 100 miles a day, which is within the limits of a standard charge.

One solution to the lack of charging infrastructure could come in the form of a self-charging, solar-powered car. The RAC reported on the launch of the Sion, which is set to be available on the German market as early as next year.

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