Third Of Drivers Get Stressed Behind The Wheel

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Third Of Drivers Get Stressed Behind The Wheel

A new survey has revealed that over 30 per cent of UK drivers regularly drive while stressed. What’s more, over half cite other road users as the main cause of their stress.

The Independent shared the findings of the survey by insurers Swinton Group and supported by road safety charity IAM RoadSmart.

Being tailgated was named as the action most likely to make someone feel stressed while at the wheel, with poor driving decisions by other drivers in at number two on the list.

Third place was taken by poor road surfaces, like potholes, and in fourth was driving on winding lanes with blind bends. Rounding out the top five was bad weather.

Other things that caused stress for drivers in the survey included overtaking cyclists, horses or tractors, and a lack of road lighting.

Head of driving behaviours at IAM RoadSmart Rebecca Ashton told the newspaper that the charity is urging drivers to mind their manners when on the roads..

“Courtesy costs nothing, and tailgating or making sudden decisions, like braking and swerving, will frustrate other drivers and distract you,” she stated.

Given that bad weather is in the top five for driving stressors, it makes sense to be prepared for more adverse conditions as we move into winter.

Warrington Worldwide recently shared advice given by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service as winter approaches. The organisation stressed that drivers need to be prepared in case bad weather hits the country.

That means checking your tyres for any signs of defects or damage, as well as regularly checking the water and oil levels in your vehicle.

If you discover any issues with your tyres, make sure you pick up new ones as soon as possible. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared with new spare tyres in Rotherham either.