State Of England’s Roads Set To Be Examined

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State Of England’s Roads Set To Be Examined

A new inquiry has been launched into the state of England’s roads, with the Transport Select Committee aiming to explore the funding and governance of the country’s road network, as well as look at what state of repair it’s in.

There will no doubt be a particular focus on the number of potholes, with drivers and motoring organisations having complained for years about inadequate investment in the country’s road network.

The RAC has welcomed the inquiry, noting that drivers are well aware of the poor state of our roads. In fact, the organisation recently revealed that pothole-related breakdowns are at a three-year high, according to data from April to June this year.

Issues caused by potholes could leave people in need of new spare tyres in Rotherham, or wherever they live, after wheels or tyres are damaged by the uneven road surface.

Lilian Greenwood, committee chair, commented: “We know that this is a high priority issue among the public and I hope our inquiry will help to put the onus on the government to address it sooner rather than later.”

Although the government is keen to point out that it has increased funding for road maintenance, the RAC’s chief engineer David Bizley said that the current approach to funding isn’t sustainable.

While dodging potholes is one problem motorists have all year round, at the moment they may be more concerned with heat. We recently offered some advice on how to care for your tyres in these incredibly hot conditions, which included ensuring your tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure.